Design Services



Whether its web or print I have your back. Start with a logo, leave with a brand. Not only do I offer quality custom design, I have the ability to leave you with ideas that will help you innovate what you do for your client base. To me, innovation is proportional to motivation. Ask me about my success stories.

A lot of thought go in my designs. Take my emblem for example. Its not just a "logo", if you look closer its a CFL light bulb which is known for one of my hallmarks- efficiency. There are also free standing "E" made with 3 shapes symbolizing e3. Get it?

I want to do the same for you.


Thats right. I will help you get your name out there by offering low-cost solutions that you can implement however you so choose. Its all a part of making people remember your brand.


Documentation & Presentations

Let's face it: a letterhead not only represents your business, it represents you. You want someone that can properly align your business strategy and brand with a touch of personality.

On a daily basis, I am responsible for documents that have the potential to circle around the whole nation. I know Microsoft Office like the back of my hand (more than the average person). I have years of experience developing everything from Excel formulas to easily track your data to PowerPoint presentations made-to-order.


Call it old fashioned if you want, but properly designed brochures (and the like) have the ability to show potential customers/clients what you can do. I can make it stand out with a few tried and true secrets.

Contact me.

Print Solutions

I can design anything from custom wedding invitations, to posters, to full-size billboards that your potential customers will see. A small list of print solutions is provided below:

  • Brochures and Menus
  • Banners and Sinage
  • and so much more...
  • Flyers
  • Invitations and Cards
  • Business Cards


Web Design

Can't figure it out? I kinda have. I have years of experience dealing with CMS websites as well as open source alternatives such as Joomla. Whether you want a one page wedding website or fully integratedwebsite via Squarespace, I can and will do that for you.

Just to be upfront, I don't code full websites yet as I have plans on independently learning code in the near future as an extra added benefit for you. However, if you want custom snippets in your website, I'm sure I can figure it out.


Just about everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram account. My clients have enjoyed the fact that whenever they update their profiles, their website is automatically updated.


I have a special affinity for Non-Profit Organizations that serve the community. I love helping people and I believe that you shouldn't have to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to show people you're out there. Even if you have a website already, I can offer ideas that can help you spruce up your site and help get your name out there. Contact me.