Pre-Packaged vs. Hand-Crafted...


My fiancée and her incredible sister make THE BEST turkey I have ever ingested in my entire life. You're probably thinking that I'm just saying that because I want brownie points. You're probably right... not! They make more than just great turkey.

The initial process generally starts with selected seasonings and end with basting over and over again. I refuse to give away all the secrets- truthfully I don't know them myself. But, the product is a mouth watering slice of turkey that is very well seasoned and will make you want to indulge more than you should.

Big deal, right? Let me continue by saying that I am not an expert at this, and I could be completely wrong. You have been warned.

Pre-packaged and cookie-cutter solutions can save you hours of hard work and time. Our society has successfully marketed the quick-and-easy route for EVERYTHING. Although, this marketing methodology probably fits the general population because everyone is so busy nowadays (my opinion) ... I personally don't believe its always the best route to take. Hand-crafted material and the like are generally expensive sometimes- being very slow and mostly overly complicated. It takes time and effort to produce anything of substantial quality. But, sometimes after you have put your blood, sweat and tears in something- you appreciate it more.

Both ends of the spectrum have a wide variety of pros and cons. Something has to sacrifice either way. There are some people, like myself, that take pride in knowing that they have spent their time and effort working to produce an excellent result. From my experience, I am more gratified when I know I have completed a project that is fresh and new from start to finish. I am fulfilled when my clients are completely satisfied. That's why I custom make everything from beginning to end. And even though I know the shortcuts, I choose not to use them. If you ever decide to do business with me, I stand on the promise that your product will be original. And I will go above and beyond to satisfy you as my client.

Just like I look forward to every Thanksgiving turkey (I wish she made it more than once a year), you should look forward to top quality product. I'm not bashing anything quick-and-easy; I'm just saying go for something that's rewarding. If you're making something, don't take shortcuts. If you're building something for someone, build it better than the way that you would do it for yourself. I promise, the reward is greater. That's not just monetary reward, but a satisfaction in knowing that you put your all in it. If you are still reading this, its probably because you are a trendsetter, a trailblazer, an inventor or even an innovator. I want to encourage you, whomever you are: get better at your craft. Ask questions. Make mistakes. But in all that you do, never give up. Because, the reward is sometimes far greater than the process. Thank you for your time!

What's your take on cookie-cutter products? Would you rather be part of the status-quo or be a trendsetter? Feel free to leave your comments below!



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